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Reading Salah slightly away from the Qiblah

This is to do with Qibla direction for stafford. We are currently using a property (previously a garage, converted) for use as a mosque. Structurally it faces 235 degrees , whereas the direction for Qibla quoted for stafford is 250 degrees. Is it acceptable to face in the current direction of 235 degrees. In this way the direction is parallel to current wall, does not look skewed and accommodates a few more people.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.


Islam is an easy religion for every one of its followers, whether he is an illiterate man or a skilful scholar.  It is necessary for a person living far away from Makkah Mukkaramah to exactly face to Qiblah whilst praying.   (Bahrur Raaiq p.300 v.1)

To use these kinds of modern technological equipment that determines the direction of the Qiblah was not the practice of the Sahabah Radiallahu Anhum or the Tabieen.

If they were away from home, then wherever there happened to be an existing mosque they would follow that in defining their Qiblah.   (Raddul Muhtar p.112 v.2)

For a person who lives far away from Makkah Mukkaramah, it could sometimes be very hard to predict the exact direction of Qiblah; therefore scholars gave different rulings to how many degrees out from the direction of the Qiblah one could be allowed in order for their salah to be valid. Scholars agree that anyone whilst facing the direction of the Masjidul Haram, moves away from the 450 mark, then his prayers would become invalid.  (Marifus Sunan p.377 v.3)

The conclusion we can come to is that an existing Masjid who’s Qiblah is within45oc, the Salah of the followers will be correct.  The ruling remains the same whether it is done to accommodate more people or not.

Only Allah Knows Best

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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