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Can my wife complete iddah and halalah before or after delivery?

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assalamalekum hazrat, my fatwa id is 17074.Hazrat i want to know about halalah and iddah after divorce.my wife is pragnent.after divorce she went her home.now she is at my home.In january i visited to india and i talked her to do nikah again.she is agree.please guide me what the condition for iddah and halalah.she has time to deliver a child two month.i want to know that can she complete iddah before delivery or after.if she can do iddah before delivery then whats the condition for iddah and how long it must be time of iddah?after after delivery with whom she can do halalah.(what’s the condition for halalah which can be apply on that man.?)can she make halalah with my brother or with any married person?please send me all condition about halalah and iddah. jazakallahu kheir!


(Fatwa: 443/L=148/tl=1431)

If you have given your wife three talaqs and she was pregnant, in this case her iddah period is that she gives birth to her child. After passing iddah period, she can marry to any other man except you who is not her mahram though he is married or unmarried; hence she can do her second nikah with your brother. If the man whom she marries gives her talaq willingly after having intercourse, then only you can marry her again after iddah period.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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