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Is it necessary to make intention in a specific way for Tawaf?

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[A Book by Moulvi Md Ehtishamul Hasan kandhalvi (rah)]: It is prohibited to make intention standing between Hajr Aswad and Rukn-e-Yamani. Intention of Tawaf is to be made standing in such a way that whole of Hajr Aswad lies to the right of your right Shoulder. If you did not make intention standing in such a way rather you made ahead of it then it is mustahab (recommended) to repeat one circuit in view of some scholar or it is wajib (obligatory) to repeat one circuit in view of some other scholar. Is it obligatory to make intention in such away? Doesn’t intention in heart is sufficient? If someone made intention with the whole body directly opposite to Hajr Aswad i.e. Hajr Aswad lies in front of your chest instead of Hajr Aswad being on right of your right shoulder or made intention a few steps before Hajr Aswad probably between Hajr Aswad and Rukn-e-Yamani, then is it going to affect the validity of tawaf in any way? As it is said to repeat one circuit?


(Fatwa: 1926/432/D=1432)

(1) Making intention (niyah) is compulsory for tawaf. Tawaf is invalid without an intention. It is not necessary to utter the words of intention, rather making intention by heart is also sufficient, but pronouncing the word of intention is better.
(2) The mustahab (desired) way of making intention for tawaf is that one stands facing Kabah with his right shoulder facing the western part of Hajr Aswad and the whole of Hajr Aswad on right side. Then he should make intention and move ahead just opposite to Hajr Aswad and then raise both hands as in Salah reciting the dua of tawaf and then kiss Hajr Aswad and then start the tawaf.
(3) If someone makes intention facing Hajr Aswad or before it, it will not affect the tawaf in any way, but it is makrooh to make intention after Hajr Aswad.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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