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Is there a defined way to take a bath when a man has nightfall?

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As-salam-wallakum, Apologize that I was not in a position to search your old fatwas and seek help from it. My and my few friend’s basic concerns are as follow: ? In case a man has night fall it is compulsory form him to have bath, is there a defined way to have this bath? ? Before semen ejects out, there is a lubrication white liquid which comes out, is a bath compulsion in such case where only this liquid is ejected & not semen. ? Are there any other common scenarios under which it is compulsory for a man to have bath & he cannot perform any religious activity. ? Or in other words what are the other ways in which a man usally becomes unclen(na-pak)


(Fatwa: 182/D=67/file-D=1432)

Ghusl becomes fardh by ihtilam. The method of fardh ghusl is that first one should wash both the hands and clean impurity then make complete wudhu and pour water on the whole body that not even equal to a single hair from the body is left dry. The fluid discharged before semen is called madhi it only breaks wudhu and does not make ghusl fardh. Hence, if only pre-seminal fluid is discharged, wash the place and offer salah after fresh wudhu. Ghusl becomes wajib by seminal discharge or by penetrating the hashfa (head of penis) inside private part.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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