Delaying Bath after Sexual Intercourse

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Q: I’m happy to know that it’s permissible to delay an obligatory ghusl (bath) after sexual intercourse. The reason is I’m living with my in laws and when I go to the kitchen early morning it gets quite late to complete all the work and come back. So it becomes afternoon by the time I finish all my work and get ready to take a bath. I hope is it allowed without any conditions? Also I would like to know if its ok to have sex more than one time during the day or night without taking a ghusl bath? Please let me know. Also please let me know if its okay to fall asleep without taking wudhu after intercourse.

A: The main factor to consider when delaying a Ghusl is that it must not affect a Salaah. Salaah must be made on time and it must not become Qadhaa.

Sexual intercourse more than once without a Ghusl in-between is permissible. Although it is permissible to have multiple discharges and then have one bath at the end, it is better to have a bath after every discharge. If not, then at least Wudhu should be made between every discharge. If a bath or Wudhu was not taken between discharges, no sin will be incurred.  (Raddul Muhtaar V2 P12)

Sleeping without Wudhu after intercourse is also permissible.

Allah Ta’aala knows best.

Moulana Yusuf Laher