Not Fulfilling Kaffarah

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by

Q: I would like to ask you about Kaffara and whether it harms us if we don’t offer it. For example, if someone doesn’t offer Kaffara for their fast, would it harm them physically or in any other way?

A: Kaffaarah for fast is when a person breaks his fast without a valid reason. This means he has to keep sixty fasts consecutively plus one as Qadhaa. This has been stipulated by the Shari’ah. If Kaffaarah is compulsory on a person and he does not fulfill it, spiritual harm is definite and if Allah wills, there can be worldly harms too, depending on the Will of Allah Ta’aala.

Allah Ta’aala knows best.

Moulana Yusuf Laher