Ihraam and Types of Visa

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Q: We are going to Saudi Arabia to visit our married daughter, parents, brothers and their families. We’ll also perform Umrah and go to Madina during this visit. Three members of the family got visit visas from Saudi but the other two had to obtain umrah visas. The intention of the whole family is the same but does sharia give rulings according to the visa type? Will the two members with umrah visas have to wear ihram to enter Jeddah or we can  we all wear ihram to perform umrah, a few days after arriving in Jeddah?
A: The type of visa one obtains does not affect or influence the rulings of Shariah. According to Shariah, it is compulsory to wear ihraam for Umrah or Hajj (if it is Hajj season) when crossing the meeqaat. One is not allowed to proceed beyond the meeqaat without Ihraam. If anyone does so, then a dum of one goat or sheep becomes waajib. Regadless of what type of vise the other travellers have, all of you should put on Ihraam before Jeddah.
And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai

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