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Clarification on the Murabitun Movement

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askmufti.co.za
In an earlier answer pertaining to the nature and origin of the Murabitun group it was stated that this group regarded non-Muslim countries as Darul-Harb or enemy territory, as a result of which they consider it permissible to loot and rob in these countries. Subsequent to this answer, we have had communication from Imam Abdus-Samad Clark of the UK, who we believe is one of the senior members and leaders of the Muribitun. He has provided us with references to dispel this belief and has made it very clear that the Muribitun do not subscribe to the belief or view that all non-Muslim countries are Darul-Harb. Our statement in this regard was taken from the activities and pronouncements of a former South African member of the Murabitun, who has since been expelled from the group. This particular individual engaged in criminal activities in the name of the Muribitun whilst serving as an Imam locally. In the process, he disseminated the view that these activities were consistent with Muribitun belief and practice. Later, the Murabitun leadership expelled him from their midst and withdrew his membership We, therefore, reiterate that it is not the Muribitun policy to promote or support criminal activities in any non-Muslim country and we unequivocally retract this aspect of our fatwa.
Imam Abdus-Samad has also conveyed to us that the Murabitun believe in the importance of pardah and hijaab and ensure that females are separated from the males in their gatherings. In this regard, we have accepted the Imam’s information in good faith.
As for the other issues mentioned in the fatwa , they still stand. On that our stance remains unchanged.
And Allah knows best.

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