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Q: Is it possible to pray Eid Namaz in the same Masjid but on a different date i.e. one group would pray on 1st January and the other on 2nd January?

A: To offer Eid prayers in this manner is not allowed in Shariah, because it is certain that one of the two Eids is being read on the incorrect date. When Eid is offered on the wrong date, such salaah is no longer considered Eid; instead it becomes a nafl salaah. And to read nafl salaah in jamaat form in this manner in a musjid is not permissible.

The community has to come to an agreement, based on the guidance of reputable Ulema in and around the area, as to which day will be the official Eid. This date should be well-publicised and advertised in the town. Thereafter, the unofficial Eid should no longer be supported. The musjid should be placed out of bounds for those who wish to offer the unofficial Eid on their day. Ulema should publicly decry and denounce the unofficial and un-Islamic ‘Eid’.  This seems to be the only solution. In spite of having the power to implement the above dieas, if the people in charge fail to do so, then all will be sinful.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai

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