As-Salaam-u-Alaikum. I would like to know the rulings on what to do in each of the following cases. (Refer details)

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My questions are: 1) two people want to make Jamaat for Fard Salaat. Should they stand next to each other or should the Imam stand slightly in front of the second person. 2) What do you do if, while 2 people are making Jamaat for Fard Salaat, the wudhu of the Imam or second person breaks. Should the Imam then perform Salaat as if not in Jamaat? Jazakallahu-khair, As-salaam-u-alaikum


Unanswered1. The Muqtadi (follower) should stand on the right of the Imaam slightly
behind him. Just to elucidate further, the Muqtadi’s toes will be more or
less in line of the Imaam’s heels.
2. If the Wudhu of the Imaam breaks, the Imaam can draw one of the Muqtadies
forward to continue with the Salaat from the point where his Wudhu broke.
The Imaam would then go to make Wudhu and return to join the Jamaat behind
his appointed Imaam. He would first complete whatever he missed out and then
continue with the second Imaam.
In the case where there is only one Muqtadi, the automatically becomes the
Imaam if he has the ability to make Imaamat. On the other hand, if the
Muqtadi’s Wudhu break, the Imaam will continue as normal. The Muqtadi can go
out to make Wudhu, return to the Jamaat and first perform whatever he missed
and then continue with the Imaam.
These Masaail are referred to as ‘Masaail of Ikhtilaaf’ . Since they are a
bit complex for an ordinary layman, in the case where the Imaam’s Wudhu
broke, it is most advisable for all – Imaam and Muqtadi – to start the
Salaat anew. Where the Muqtadis Wudhu broke, the Imaam would continue as

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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