Assalaam-mu-alaikum Mufti Saheb,What would be the most advisable method in which a person would approach depression?

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Assalaam-mu-alaikum Mufti Saheb, What would be the most advisable method in which a person would approach depression, be it from loss or lack of an individual item or person, or with regard to marraige and or family matters? e.g. A person who is off sane mind and Baaligh, can make his own decisions. But he is limited, due to family members not accepting a certain detail which has Not been deemed incorrect in Islam, this person gives up his choice and allows the family members to be “happy” by conceding to their wishes, but in the mean time is bringing himself down and is extremely depressed and angry,worsens by the day. Yet not another person knows about this….how does he deal with this type of depression? Jazakallah


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and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda

We are very sorry to hear of your plight. Allah Ta’ala knows the wisdom of
his doings, perhaps the children that were to be born could have been a
calamity on you. This was from Allah Ta’ala and we should clearly understand
that we cannot escape the decision of Allah with regard to any matter in our

Whatever Allah Ta’ala decides will happen. We have to have faith in Tafweez
(resigning oneself to the decision of Allah) and Taqdeer (predestination).
This is the solution to all our anxieties, depression and worries. As the
servants and slaves of Allah, we should understand that our Master will
grant to us only that which is good for us. Our duty and endeavour is that
we supplicate and ask Allah, then make the correct Tadbeer (effort) and
thereafter leave the final decision to Allah Ta’ala. this brings peace,
contentment and happiness into one’s heart. Our advise is that you should
condition your heart and generate at least to some extent the favour of
Imaan. Conduct Ta’leem, i.e. read some portion from the famous book of
‘Fadhaail-e-A’amaal’ by Shaykh Zakariyyah (RA) everyday and also search for
a Shaykh (spiritual mentor and guide) with whom one can easily relate and
attempt to acquire from him the love of Allah, the constant consciousness of
His presence and the reality of Tawakkul.

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