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Who are the Khawarij and who are the Wahabis?

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Please state any Ahadith regarding these.


The Khawarij

The Khawarij – people described as overtly pious, having impressions of
prayer on their knees, palms and forheads – initially had three grievances
against ‘Ali.

1. ‘Ali had submitted to the arbitration of men when reaching a political
stalemate with Amir Mu’awiyah at Siffin whereas Allah said: “Judgment lies
only with Allah.”
2. In the battle of Jamal, ‘Ali did not seize any booty nor captured any
slaves. If the party of ‘A’ishah were Believers, it was permissible to
engage them in battle in the first place. If they were non-Believers, it was
permissible to seize their possessions and capture their men.
3. ‘Ali resigned his position as the Commander of the Faithful. The Khawarij
promised to retract from their views if ‘Ali convinced them as to the
fallacy of their arguments in the light of the Qur’an and the Prophet

‘Ali replied in the following way:
1. “Regarding your saying “A man has arbitrated in the matter of Allah,”
Allah says in the Qur’an: “O you who believe, do not hunt while in a state
of ritual consecration (Hurum). Whoever intentionally hunts amongst you, on
him is a recompense similar to that on sheep to be judged by two just people
amongst you.” Allah says regarding a husband and his wife: “If you fear
separation betwee them, appoint an arbitrator from his side and her side.”
In these two cases, Allah had left the matter in the hands of people. I take
an oath of Allah before you, Is not the arbitration in the matter of blood
between Muslims better than arbitration between a husband and a wife or
regarding a hunted rabbit whose price does not exceed four dirhams.” They
replied: “Surely, this matter is superior.”
2. ‘Ali continued: ” Regarding your saying “You fought them, but did not
seize their booty nor captivatred them,” can you capture your Mother
‘A’ishah? If you say that she can be captured and treated like any of the
other female slaves, you have surely comitted infidelity. If you say that
she is not our mother than you have also comitted infidelity. You are thus
hovering between two deviaions.”
3. Addressing the third query, ‘Ali answered: “Regarding your saying that I
obliterated my name as the Commander of the Faithful, I was present on the
day of Hudaybiyyah when the treaty was being drafted. The Holy Prophet said:
“Write O ‘Ali, this is what has been agreed upon by Muhammad, the Messenger
of Allah.” Abu Sufyan and Suahil ibn ‘Amr objected to this saying: “We do
not know that you are the Messenger of Allah. If we knew that you were the
Messenger of Allah, we would not have opposed you.” Upon this, the Holy
Prophet said: “O Lord, you know that I am your Messenger. O ‘Ali, write:
“This is what Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah and Abu Sufyan and Suhail ibn ‘Amr has
agreed upon.”

After this, 2000 of the Khawarij changed their position and the rest of them
still opposed ‘Ali.

Khalid Dhorat

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