1. I have given Qarde Hasana. Is Zakat of this Qard is wajib on me. 2. I have balance in bank. For zakat shall I include the salary I just received?

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1. I have given as Qardh-e Hasana 300,000 to different people. Some of them will return and some may not because they are very poor. My question is, when calculating Zakat, shall I pay for this 300,000 or this amount is exempted until I receive it. 2. I receive monthly salary, what-ever is saved I pay zakat on it annually. At the end of year zakat is applicable only on the amount, which is sitting in the bank for 1 year or on the whole amount even it is a salary of last month. Thanks


1)Zakaat is compulsory on the monies owed to you. Although Zakaat is compulsory on the outstanding amounts, it is only payable when the actual amounts are received. For example, in the case mentioned by you, Zakaat is compulsory on the entire amount of 300 000 for all the years it is being owed to you. However the Zakaat is only payable once you actually receive the monies from the debtors. Let us assume you are being owed this amount for three years. Zakaat is compulsory for all three years on this amount but you only have to pay once you physically get this money from them. For purposes of convenience and ease, rather calculate your Zakaat every year on the amounts owed to you and pay the amount due every year as well. In the case were you feel your debtors are unable to pay, forgive them all together and absolve them from repayment. In this case, that amount won’t be due to you. Hence, Zakaat on such amounts will fall away.

2) Zakaat is levied on the entire amount being held by you at the end of the Zakaatable tear. Therefore, Zakaat is compulsory on the salary you received even if a whole year hadn?t passed on the amount.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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