1. Jokes targetting some racial group? 2. is it valid to watch religious video?

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asslamo-alikum, First of all i want congrats all ask-imam team for doing such a nice effort for ummah. I pray for all of you that Allah give you reward of this in this dunia and also in Akhrat. Please answer my below questions.1. Jokes targetting some racial group? Regarding the answer of question 7640 where you allow Jokes but that should be within bounds Shari?ah. My question is that is it valid to target some racial group like sardar’s(Sikh) and patthhans normally it happens in jokes. i want to tell u one another thing there is a magzine(bachoon ka Islam) here in pakistan that is launched under Jamia Rasheedia management. In that magzine(for children) they use to write jokes. I myself had read a joke regarding Sardar’s. I know that magzine is not only authentic thing for us we have ask ulmae ikram. Please guide me in this regard. Link of that magzine is this Second thing some one telling me regarding jokes that target some nation comes under a quranic verse. Meaning of that verse is “Not to laugh on any individual or even on some group or nation such may be they are better than you”. Kindly tell is such quranic verse exists if it is then please give view on such jokes because so many peoples are involved in such things 2 . Is it valid to watch zakir naik on videos which contain religious material. Question is not only regarding zakir naik if also any other person who is speaching on religious matters.Jazakallah Khair


1. Joking is permissible as long as it does not hurt the feelings of anyone or result in the speaking of lies. Most jokes about groups are false and do hurt the feelings of the members of those groups.

2. Watching television is not permissible regardless of the content. In addition to this we would advise you not to listen to the programmes of Zakir Naik as he holds many views which we don’t concur with.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Husain Kadodia
STUDENT: Darul Ifta

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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