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I m engaged with a girl to whom i love so much and she also love me so much, my sister is the wife of her brother, so we have close relation too, due to bad behaviour of my sister’s husband (brother of my fiance), my father strongly oppose to this relation and want me to cut off from that girl, no matter how much it will affect on my sister. My fiance loved someone before me, she told me this truth earlier, but i ignore this coz i truly love her, recently , she disclosed me that she had anal sex with that guy, although she purely loves me, but she wanted to tell her all truth clearly before marriage, now i need your guidance under the light of islam that should i marry her or not, one hand my father strongly oppose this relation due to my brother-in-law’s bad behaviour with my sister, and on the another hand this recent anal sex truth make me some times uncomfortable. Please help me in this matter asap, i will be thankful to you.


At the outset, we wish to inform you that it is prohibited to have a premarital relationship. The concept of fiancé/fiancée is prohibited in Islam. Such a relationship falls in the category of Zina and adultery, which is a major sin. There are also many negative consequences to such an un-Islamic relationship.

We advise you terminate all contact with the girl. Inform her that you have received a Shar’ee ruling on the relationship and you wish to abide by that. If you are interested in marrying her, then consult your seniors and also make Istikhaara. The girl has been honest to you in inform you about her relationship with another person. You should be careful in making your choice of marriage and follow the guidance of Shari?ah as explained above.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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