A non-muslim who is very “liberal” (in western terminology) has agreed to read about islaam. I do not know what literature to give him for reading …

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Alhamdulillaah, a non-muslim who is very ?liberal? (in western terminology) to read has agreed to read about islaam. He is very honest and upright in conduct but questions everything islaam says that is contradictory to ?science? and the present day western social values. I asked him a simple question : what if the deen of Allaah IS correct? He went on to answer by saying ?I believe that it doesn’t matter what one believes in so long as he is a good and upright person and that, religion, is for a person when HE is ready for it?. To this I asked if he knew enough to decide belief in HIS ?personal opinionated religion? I said that he was doing himself great injustice by not informing himself of the ?other possibilities in religions? and then deciding for himself what he should believe in. He admitted that he did not know enough ? especially about islaam. I also advised him that I worry abut his aakhirah and that I would like him to read up on deen and then he can decide whether islaam is right for him. At least that is a closer step ? alhamdulillaah!! Now the dilemma is I do not know what literature to give him for reading as I have come across many that only argues either in scientific OR deeni way but not both. The TYPE of books/literatures suitable for him would be those that beautifully explains Allaah, Islaam as a religion and way of life, interesting aspects pertaining to the present day world that favours islaam – using references from the Qur-aan, ahaadeeth and qiyaas.


Your efforts to invite the non-Muslim is encouraging. May Allah Ta’ala guide the person in reference and grant him Imaan, Aameen.

We suggest you offer the person the book, ?Qur’aan and Science? by Dr Maurice Bucaille. It deals with scientific aspects and references from the Qur’aan. We also suggest you offer him the book, ?What is Islaam? by Manzoor Nu?maani. As a Muslim, express good character and offer him all the assistance he requires.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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