I’ve talked to an alim and mufti about changing mazhab (to shafi) but I didn’t really get a straight answer.

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I?ve been going on jamat and learning a lot of good things about Islam and the work of dawah. The brothers that taught me how to make salah were of the hanafi mazhab, then I knew nothing about fiqh or mazhabs, I started to learn more about hanafi and also started to research other mazhabs, I?ve talked to an alim and mufti about changing mazhab (to shafi) but I didn?t really get a straight answer. My reason for changing mazhab is ibadah, I?ve made salah according to the shafi fiqh and it felt more correct to me ( reciting quran, the extra takbirs, and other things) I want to change mazhab but I want to know if its wrong to do, there are a lot of shafis and hanafi were I usually go for salah, I just what to make sure that I choose a madhab and follow it , but hanafi doesn’t fit for me ,what should I do change mazhab once or stick with the same mazhab. I wouldn?t consider the change in mazhab ??my nufs?? but may allah ta ala keep shaitan out of my niyah inshallah


If you have already adopted the Hanafi Madhab, you have to abide by it. It is not permissible for you to adopt the Shaafi?ee Madhab now.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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