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Please help me understand my dreams.

Asalamu alakum. About 8 months ago I dreamt I was walking across my lawn behind my dad. We were headed to the house next door while crossing the grass I bumped into a guy who was going the same way. We looked at each other and smiled I never felt love like that I felt so peaceful we walked away. My dad & I went into the house to look around. I bumped into the guy again except this time we were looking at my dad and what I felt was his brother talking. It seemed like they didn?t agree on what they were talking about. I told this dream to a girl and she said that it means I will meet someone & we?d fall in love but it won’t work out between us unless I have another dream about the guy. A week later I met this guy. I have never seen him before in my life. He lives with his brother because his parents passed away I knew that in my dream. About 1 month after I met him I dreamt I walked into a restaurant with my parents. I told them to sit down until I come back. I went to the kitchen where the guy was. We sat with friends. Then he was cooking and his legs caught on fire. Before the ambulance took him I told him I loved him and then headed back to where my parents were sitting. Instead of walking into the restaurant I walked into a room full of women. It felt like it was my wedding but it didn?t seem like it I wasn?t wearing a white dress. I told this dream to a girl she said that the legs catching on fire mean he’s getting married. Plz. explain these dreams. Gazak Allah kair.


The dreams have no significance.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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