If the udhr stops for 5 mins does this mean one is not a ma’dhur?

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Respected Mufti, I am aware that one is only considered a ma’dhur when the udhr remains intact for the full duration of a fard prayer in a way that it does not even cease for a time in which wudu and salah can be performed. However my question is that the length of time for each prayer differs greatly- some are short and some very lengthy. Does it matter which prayer time is used to determine if one is a ma’dhur? Secondly, if the udhr stops for 5 minutes in which one can perform wudu and 4 fard of zohar (for example) does this mean one is not a ma’dhur? Or is it that the udhr should stop for a time in which one can perform the full 12 units of zohar properly (for one not to be counted as ma’dhur)?


1. No specific salaat is considered to determine whether one is a mazoor.
The shortest time duration between two Salaats may be considered for that.
2. Your question is ambiguous. If you are asking regarding when a person is
rendered a mazoor, then:- One will only be regarded as mazoor, when one does
not have sufficient time to perform his wudhu and just the fard salaat, due
to the uzar ceasing to stop for the whole salaat time. ( Hashia of
Nurul-Eidha )
If you are asking regarding the termination of one being a mazoor, then; One
will no longer be a mazoor when the uzar stops completely for one full
salaat time. (Nurul-eidha)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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