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Asalam u Alikum,

In companies, sales department are the one which brings businesss. During these deals, there is a factor of bribery for sure which is normal tradition now a days (some call it commission or gift). 
I work in a IT Service provider, where most of the projects are gotten through pre-settlement with the Client’s seniour IT people (for which they are paid). Still tenders are floated in the market to call bidders just to pretend that tender is fair.Even if the tender is not pre-settled, some settings (bribery) are done to award the project. This is common workaround in every company. Even if the sales team does not do so they will never get the project.
    1. I am an engineer and nothing to do with these deal, I just design/implement and deploy projects. Am i earning HARAM money? 

    2. Even i switch my job, that company would be doing the same (even it is goverment/private). What should i do?   

    3. Not all projects are gotten through bribery and commission, there are some fair deals as well.

This is the biggest problem in our society. Indirectly we all are tasting bribery/interest.


In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullaahi wa-barakaatuh.

Brother in Islaam,

Your sensitivity in earning halaal is commendable. May Allaah Ta’aala grant you barakah in all your permissible endeavors. Aameen.

You state that you are an IT service provider and your job is to design and deploy projects assigned to you by the company. Accordingly, you are getting paid for your services. You are not responsible for the bribery in the sales department. Your income is halaal.

And Allaah Ta’aala Knows Best.

Muajul I. Chowdhury

Student, Darul Iftaa

Astoria, New York, USA

Checked and Approved by,

Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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