6701 My husband wants to become rich overnight, I am in trouble. that’s why he cheat the people and do all those things which our Prophet prohibited

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Last time I asked the question (6701) that my husband has some very bad habits, means he lie and cheat the other people, you recommended me to locate why he is doing do this, after my efforts, I derived the result that he want to be rich overnight by any means, that’s why he cheat the people and do all those things which our Holy Prophet (P,B,U,H) prohibited and whenever any one wants to guide him, he treats that’s people person very badly , either his father or me, he don’t respect any one, don’t follow the instructions of the God, even his family is very good and my background is also very respectful, he is making bad names for the both families and no doubt my life has become hell, people tell me what should I do, its very difficult to live with that sort of man, but by any way I want that he should become real muslim and respectful person, I don’t want to give up and want to make him a good human being. I will do whatever you will recommend me, either to read any thing or to do anything.


You state that your husband does not listen to anyone’s advice. We, therefore, advise that as a wife you know best when and how to get across your husband. You have to exercise restraint and look for the best course of action to reform your husband.

It may be an idea to obtain the book, ?Virtues of Trade? by Shaykh Zakariyyah (RA) and pass over the information of honesty and truthfulness in trade and business to him. Remember, wisdom and diplomacy are the most efficient vehicles of success. Together with that, be patient and make lots of Du’aa. Also encourage your husband on other acts of piety. That may conscientise him to be honest in his practice of trade and business.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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