I used to send SMS of Hadith or Quranic Verse, Is it ok? … I want to buy a car and I have these two options…

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I want to buy a new car. But here in our country car dealers have two options for us to buy the new car. First option is that you book a new car and give its full payment (i.e. factory price) and you will get it after 5-6 months (or sometimes 3-4 months depending upon cars model). Second option is that you pay a little more price, (i.e. more than factory price, sometimes about 40,000 Rupees and sometimes even One Lac Rupees extra than car’s genuine price), then you’ll get your new car instantly.
a) Both options are okay for us to buy the car?
b) If not then which option we should adopt?
Note: And in first option of booking the car, there is another rule that on the delivery date of car if car’s prices increased by the factory then you have to give its new price.

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I used to send SMS of Hadith (with book name only for reference) or Quranic verse (with full reference) to my family members, friends and colleagues daily almost. Sometimes took hadith from Fazail-e-Amaal also.
a) Is it allowed according to shariah?
b) Is this thing belongs to good deeds of shariah?
c) In my list there are some females (brother’s wife, friends’ wives, cousins, etc) also. Is it allowed to send sms like this to them, If they are non-mehram according to shariah?
d) Am i allowed to send only this kind of islamic sms to my fiancee (there is no nikah between us yet, but soon it will gonna happen, INSHALLAH)?
e) Is it allowed to do these sms in Ramazan also, especially in case of non-mehram females and to my fiancee?



In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

1.      If you pay for the car now and take dilevery at a later date, that is regarded to be Salam in Shariah, which is permissible and used as a mode of Finance. However, when dealing with the Salam, the customer must pay the full purchase price upfront and the place, date of delivery must be specified. You mention that if the price at the time of delivery as changed the dealer would charge you the new price and not the orignal price agreed upon. Since the price has to be fixed and paid upfront, this clause will render the transaction to be invalid. As an alternative, if you want to pay the increase at the time of delivery, regard the upfront payment as a deposit. This deposit will merely secure the car for you. The actual deal will only be concluded (i.e confirmation of price and delivery) will take place once the dealer is ready to hand over the car to you. However, the deposit in the hand of the dealer will be an Amaanat (trust). If you for any reason wish to cancell the order, you may do so and the dealer will be obliged to return the deposit without charging you any penalties. If the dealer is confortable with this alternate, you may purchase the car from him.

2.      If the dealer is not comfortable with the above, you may purchase the car at the higher price and take immedite delivery.

3.      It is permissible to send SMS text messages of Islam to anyone, Mahram or not. However, if there is a fear of any Fitnah (sin) that would be created due to you sending these messages, it will not be permissible to send them to non Mahrams. Shaytaan should not use this as a tool for you to start talking and having conversations with strangers. The harm that will be created  from this service will far outweigh the good and therefore not permissible. 

4.      The same above principle will apply to your Fiancee. 

And Allah knows best


Muhammed Zakariyya Desai,

Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah