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Missed Fasts Without a Valid Reason

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Missed Fasts Without a Valid Reason

By Moulana Imraan Vawda

Q.) I need to know in case if someone is unable to fast for some reason, but not reasons that are permited i.e. sickness, travel etc. Or please take it this way if someone is not fasting deliberately. What is it he can do for compensate for the sin he is commiting. I would be obliged at your help and clear explanation in this regard. [Ahzam Ali]

A.) He has committed a very major sin. He should sincerely repent and ask Allah Ta’ala for forgiveness.

From now on, he has to keep all his fasts. As far as those fasts that he had missed altogether, i.e. those that he did not even start, he has to make Qadhaa of all such fasts. And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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