2012 September

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Umrah with Baby

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Q: I wish to go for umrah in with my husband and 2 month old son. Can I perform the umrah with my baby while I breast feed him and he will be with me all the time?   A: You may take the baby with you for Umrah and breastfeed him if you really… read more »

Shar’iee beard length

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Q: What is the shar’iee beard length and how is this proven from the Ahaadith? A: According to the Ulama it is waajib to grow the beard to the extent of one fist from all sides. Cutting or trimming it less than a fist is impermissible. ولا بأس بنتف الشيب و أخذ أطراف اللحية والسنة فيها القبضة …… read more »


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Q: Is watching TV haram? Can you watch Islamic programs and what do you say to a scholar who says no one can say it is haraam? A: On account of the evils that are associated with the viewing of television most of our reputable pious ulama declare that it is impermissible. Islamic education can be acquired through… read more »

Doubting after Discharging the Zakaat

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Q: Recently I went for Haj Alhamdulillah. I had taken my zakaat money with me to distribute to the poor in Makkah and Medinah. I had given the zakaat to the cleaners of the Haram in Makkah & Medinah. Someone told me that the cleaners collect a lot of money from others whilst others informed me that they… read more »

Wudhu If Skin is Overlapping

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Q: I have on my feet a lot of half peeled off small skin pieces (probably from little fungal infections) mostly in the form of circles. Because of this the small peeled skins borders are hanging over the skin below i.e. there are two layers of skin. Is washing normally sufficient in order to make… read more »

Superstitions and Stray Thoughts

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Q: I am very superstitious and I want to get rid of it through a Qur’aanic Ayat. Please inform me of a Qur’aanic Ayat of Hadith. A: Do not pay any attention to the superstitions and stray thoughts that come into your mind, and continuously ask Allah Ta’ala to save you from the whispers of shaytaan. Recite… read more »

Ihtilaam during Haidh

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Q: If a women has ihtilaam during haidh does she have to take a ghusl? A: She does not have to take a ghusal. قوله ( العقل الخ ) فلا تجب على مجنون ولا على كافر بناء على المشهور من أن الكفار غير مخاطبين بالعبادات ولا على عاجز عن استعمال المطهر ولا على فاقد الماء أي والتراب ولا على… read more »

Insuring an Item with the Courier Company

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Q: A courier company company offers it’s services for a certain amount (e.g. R50). However, they state if you wish to have to item insured then the charge is so much more (e.g. R50 more – total R100 if you want it insured). We are unaware if they are insuring with a third party. Is it permissible to take… read more »