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Reciting duas in the morning and evening

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Q. I read in a book, I think the reference is Tirmizi Shareef that one who recites Subhanallah 100 times in the morning and evening he gets reward of 100 hajj, and other rewards of Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar and Laa illaha illalah….each 100 times morning and evening. My question is what does evening here refer… read more »

Reciting Kalimah Shahadah

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Q. I converted to islam and I took the kalimah shahadah with my imam but I was menstruating. Do I have to take it over? I read where it is said that I don’t have to take it over. If it is still accepted, can you please explain how this is because my understanding is,… read more »

Dua for Sajda Tilawah

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Q. While doing sajdah of the sajdah tilawat, if a persons says the wrong dua of the sajadah then is the sajdah offered or do we have to offer it again? Also do we have to say tasbeeh of Sajdah, then masnoon dua of sajdah tilawat or simply the dua? What is the sunnah? A…. read more »

Dua for having children

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Q. I would like to know what dua can I recite to have children. A. Recite the following dua three times after every salaah. Insha Allah, good and righteous children will be granted. The dua is : Rabbi Laa tadharni farda wa anta khairul waaritheen (O My Lord! Do not leave me without offspring. Surely,… read more »

Reciting Zikr without counting

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Q. Can one say Subhanallah or Allhamdulilah or Allahu Akbar or Laillahaillala without counting. For example before I sleep I would recite these four above and then do it 3 times and also the 33, 33, 34. What I would like to know is if without counting one can just say any of the above… read more »

Dua and method of Salaatul Istikharah

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Q. I would like to know how to pray Salaatul Istikharah? Please explain in detail. Also give the dua for it. A. With respect to Salaatul Istikharah, it is important that one understands the concept of Istikharah and what it can be done for. Istikharah means ‘seeking that which is good’ or ‘seeking that which… read more »

Quranic ayats to remove jinns

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Q. Could you please tell me what are the quranic ayats to remove jinns that are around me that are causing harm to me? A. You should recite regularly the following:- =) Ayatul Kursi =) Sura Al Falaq =) Surah An Nas And Allah knows best. Mufti Waseem Khan Source

Raising your hands for dua

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Q. I am currently doing an Islamic study course and we are told that our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never used to rasie his hands all the time in dua and as such we should not raise our hands in dua always. A. There are occasions on which the Prophet (SAS) raised… read more »