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Zakaah on money set aside.

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Q. If a Muslim has money set aside to purchase a house, is it necessary to pay Zakat on that money? A. Zakaat is compulsory upon a person when he has a savings over the Nisaab and one year has passed over this saving. The fact that the person still has the money with him… read more »

Zakaah on gold bought for daughter’s marriage

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Question: asalamualaikum.. plz tell me Is zakat to be paid for gold absolutely bought and kept in locker for marriage of daughters? Answer: Salaams, Yes, Zakat must be paid on it when it reaches the nisab of gold (which is 87.5 grams of gold). And Allah knows best Mufti Waseem Khan 25/7/2013 Source

Use of the word Bid’a by Umar (r.a.).

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Question: Sahih Al Bukhari Volume 3 Book 32, Number 227: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said: “Whoever prayed at night the whole month of Ramadan out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.” Ibn Shihab (a sub. narrator) said, “Allah Apostle died and the… read more »

Wrongfully accusing someone.

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Q. I am a practicing Muslim and I was recently accused of doing black magic to some close family members who are also practicing Muslims who wear parda and the whole works. They said I did thing to them for them to not see their way and they closed their gates on me when I… read more »

Women going to Juma without a male.

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Q. Is there any restriction to sisters going to Jum’a unaccompanied by a male? A. The requirement for a woman to be accompanied by a Mahram (male blood relative) is connected to such a travel/trip/journey which, when undertaken, makes her a traveler in the shariah. The distance for such travels is given as 48 miles…. read more »