Q: Could you please extend your knowledge on the following morning dream I’ve had.

In reality my house is small but in this dream it was exactly the same but more spacious. I’m very tidy in reality so I was glad to notice how
beautifully clean and white it was too. My husband and I, my friend and children were over (as per normal). So it was a full house. Everyone seemed happy. In reality my kids are all married except my youngest daughter who is 25. In the dream she was in the kitchen. She looked so radiant, mashallah. So much noor and so beautiful. Her hair, skin, attire and so on, were so beautiful. In my room (the main bedroom) was a young man. I’m sitting with him. He was playing with a cute and happy baby who was wearing white. To me in the dream it was like they (my daughter and him) were together and that was their baby. He called my daughter and she blissfully ignored him as she was talking to my friend in the kitchen (or she was busy there). He then casually mentioned to me that she doesn’t listen to him. But more playfully than complaining. When I called her to come to him, she playfully glanced over and advised she’ll come over. “Wait, I’m coming now-now”. What could this mean?


A: You should commence kitaab reading of Fazaail-e-A’maal, Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat and Behishti Zewar with your unmarried daughter. Insha Allah through gaining the true understanding of Deen through these kitaabs, Allah Ta’ala will bless her with a radiant future and a blissful and successful marriage life.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada