As I was reading your e mail, I came across this ruling and I couldn’t help my curiosity. Allow me to be open and frank, because as little knowledge as I have, I would really like to know the right thing. As I understand, according to you, one who does adultery (or apostasy etc) should surrender himself to the hudd and accept the punishment? I have a friend, a Muslim who did similar crime, but he didn’t surrender himself to the court but repenting for his act (only two of us know about it). Also their government doesn’t follow this rule. I didn’t mention this to anyone as some times back I was listening to a khutbah where the imam was quoting a true story and he said the otherwise. However i don’t know what is right and not, only Allah knows. Since you’re a scholar I would appreciate if you would make this clear.

I’ve been wearing the scarf for a coupe of years now but for a couple of months I have thought on and off about wearing a jilbaab. These past few days of Ramadan have been good for me and I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt about wearing it but these things are holding me back: 1) I don’t want to wear jilbaab and then take it off again because I will get more sin for that… I think. 2) I still want to do stuff like wear makeup but wearing jilbaab and doing this is worse representation of Islam in public. 3) I’m going to miss not being able to wear nice clothes and dress up which I like doing. 4) I don’t wear the scarf properly…. I wear it in public but when uncles and aunts cum round i have it on loosely and at weddings I don’t wear it. 5) I’m really afraid to commit to Islam and by wearing the jilbaab. I feel I will have more of a responsibility to make sure I represent Islam properly and learn more about din but I don’t know if I will be able to do this successfully and I don’t want to end up getting more sin than I am getting now. 6) I feel it will restrict me greatly in what type of job I apply for and if I get the position or not. 7) I want to wear it solely for the pleasure of Allah but sometimes I think, no I wont get reward for it because I am doing it for people as lose of people around me have started to practice Islam. I know these are all excuses and it is like I’m fighting with my self with one half of me saying wear it and the other don’t. How can I make myself stronger?

I have inquired about this topic before but I think the only relevant answer I recieved is about encouraging the good and forbidding the evil. I understand this concept – it’s the reason why I’ve been inquiring about this issue – so that I can encourage the good and forbid the evil. But let me start by restating the problem – I know someone who sexually molests children and I would like to help him stop. What exactly does Islam say about this behavior and about how we can stop it. Please help me because I’ve searched for quite some time, without any receipt of a concrete answer.

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