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Women Is going out home

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Assalam Alyaikum! What is the hukm for women to go outside? Can she to go outside to walk with child to breath fresh air, to playground, etc. We live in flat. That‘s why we haven‘t opportunity to walk in our yard where we can be only ourselves. Staying always in flat have negative effects on… read more »


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My grand father (maternal) has 3 daughters and 1 son, he recently received funds from the sold property of his own father, most of his brothers have already distributed these funds among his daughters and sons, but my grand father claim is that he will not distribute this during his life and only be known… read more »

Rulling of shariah on money as gift

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Assalam o alikum , My question is someone has given some money to me as gift for my personal usage such person is Hindu ….. I wanted to know tht money can I use for religious purposes of the following 1) perform umrah or Hajj 2) give sadqa 3) help poor for the purpose of… read more »

Loan Interest Hukm

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Assalamu’alaikoom Ya Mufti, Please kindly explain to me why a conventional loan annuity interest that is originally Haram due to Riba can change to Halal after the said interest is converted to Ujrah and the said Loan Transaction is converted to the ‘Aqad Ijarah. Jazakallah khair. Answer Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, We… read more »

Halal Mortgages in Canada

Answered by Fatwaa.com

Assalaamu Alaikum, I just wanted to know what your opinion is with regards to the Halal mortgage products provided by Aya Financial and Zero Mortgage in Canada. Whether or not, they really are Halal and Shariah compliant? If your findings suggest that they are not Halal, do you have any other suggestions for Halal options… read more »

Sell and Leaseback in Islam

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Assalum a Alaikum Mufti Sahib, The answer to this question will not only help me but many others also. I have an opportunity to buy a hotel apartment in Pakistan.In technical terms it is called “sell and leaseback” deal .The scheme works like following: 1. I will buy the hotel apartment at price X. However… read more »

Chit Funds

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As’salamu alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu. There is a chit scheme.In this lets say about 10people and 1 agent will be involved..these 10 people will pay 10,000 each for 10 months(that means 100,000 (10,000*10people’s money) will be gathered each month).The agent will take 4000 as commission each month for maintaining this process. Money(96,000) will be… read more »