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Marriage problem

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Assalamualikum Sheikh, I hope you are well. I am seeking your advise on a calamity that I have recently face. I got married two months before. Later on I found my  wife had sexual relationship with three guys before me. She had oral sex countless times. I am a practicing muslim to some extent but… read more »

Sila Rahmi (Ties of Kinship)

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  1.What does Sila Rehmi means ? ( breaking which is severe sin ) Does it consists only those relatives which whom one cannot maary i.e Maharim. 2.And which which things come in category of Sila rehmi ? i know that it includes, to offer janaza, to… read more »

What is Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa?

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1) What is meant by Al-Alaa wal Baraa’? Please give details on it, or refer to a book where I may read details on it. 2) After giving many proofs to a fellow Muslim colleague/contemporary of open sins he does, he does not pay heed,rather persists, should we severe contacts? … read more »

Help In Making a Decision

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  Quickly i will tell you my story 3 ways….i need to select only one way…. i am not relying on friends, family or relatives… as they have their own interests. I dont know where to go….thats why i come here. 1- there’s a lady who wants to get married with me,… read more »

How can I save my marriage?

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Brother I need your help if possible can you give me some Quranic verse and hadees where Allah subhan wa tala and rasool allah SWS given permission and advice to Muslim men to marry more than one wife and also warning to women’s who are asking khula from her husband without any strong Shariah reason…. read more »

How should we spend ashura and express condemnation towards the barbaric act of the kuffar in the battle of karbala?

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Hope you are doing well I come from a very liberal family which has mixed religions and outside marriages in other sects including ahle tashieh. Ever since I have had religious inclination, started going on Tabligh I’ve had dozens of questions and reservations bombarded on me from my relatives especially those who are shia. Alhamdulilah… read more »

Suicidal Thoughts

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    I am 25 years old man, from India, working as an Engineer in UAE. I am very religious. But the worst thing in me is my over attraction towards sexual matters, which started from my child hood itself (when I was 12). Fortunately till the date I didn’t involved in Zina… read more »

Am I Married?

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1) I need to know if telling male relatives that “I will marry and wish to marry *insert name*” in general conversation, and also that same man tells his relatives that “I wish to marry and will marry her” (meaning me) institute a Nikah? 2) I have been in my ex-boyfriends company and also with… read more »