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Delaying Bath after Sexual Intercourse

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Q: I’m happy to know that it’s permissible to delay an obligatory ghusl (bath) after sexual intercourse. The reason is I’m living with my in laws and when I go to the kitchen early morning it gets quite late to complete all the work and come back. So it becomes afternoon by the time I… read more »

Wife Masturbating Husband

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Q: Can a wife masturbate her husband until he ejaculates? A: It is permissible for the wife to masturbate the husband. It is not permissible for him to do it with his own hand. (Raddul Muhtaar V15 P75). Moulana Yusuf Laher Source

Urethral Discharge and Bath

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Q: I have a question about urethral discharge. Sometimes, especially when I’m constipated and strain, a very small amount of urethral discharge occurs resembling semen. It looks identical to the discharge that occurs during intercourse. Do I have to perform obligatory ghusl? A: The drops which come out at the time of urinating is Wadi… read more »

Divorce under Pressure

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Q: Is Talaq (divorce) given in writing under the pressure of the first wife valid or not without any witnesses? A: The first wife may have put pressure on the husband to divorce the second but the final decision was his. It is valid even if there are no witnesses. If a husband is… read more »

Food Grains being Halaal

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Q: Just out of curiosity I would like to know how the fuqaha (scholars of jurisprudence) came to the conclusion that food grains e.g. rice is halal. A: The Fuqahaa mention that the principle law regarding vegetation is it being permissible (Raddul Muhtaar V27 P229). The reason would be that there is no mention of… read more »