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Looking into other scriptures

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Q: 1. What if we come across something from the books of other religions, if it’s not in the Quran or Hadith, what should we do? Should we neither confirm nor deny it? 2, Also, is it correct to believe that absolutely nothing in the Books is in its true form exactly as it was… read more »

Beating the duff in the musjid

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Q: I came across this hadith: Aisha (Radiyallahu Anha) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, “Proclaim the nikah. Have it done in the masjids. Beat the daffs (tambourine drums without jingling discs or bells) for the occasion.” (Tirmizi vol. 1 pg. 207 Qadeemi) So is it permissible to beat the daff in masjid?… read more »

Salaah for patients in hospitals

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Q: I often do work in hospitals and come across Muslim patients. When speaking to them, I realise that they are not reading their salaah because sometimes they have urine catherters attached to them/nappys/weak in bed and unable to keep themselves paak. Some say they just don’t feel clean in hospital environment or are too… read more »

Dua for yawning

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Q: Someone mentioned that when one yawns then this is from Shaytaan and one should recite ta’awwuz. 1. Is this correct, and applicable all the time? 2. Should one recite أعوذ… Every time one yawns 3. Is there mention of this in the hadith, and what is the hadith. 4. Similarly with regards to yawning softly… read more »

Drinking rainwater

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Q: According to a Hadith, rainwater is shifa for all diseases. Does this also apply to drinking rainwater which has been taken out from the ground? Because when it rains, the rainwater passes through rocks and is stored underground and taken out through machines for drinking. So is it necessary to collect and drink the… read more »