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Root canal while fasting

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Question: Asalaamualaikum mufti sahib. I would like to know whether undergoing root canal of tooth will breach the fast or not. in this procedure first of all the doctor injects some local anesthesia in gums surrounding the diseased tooth. i don’t know whether it goes in the vein or soft tissue. Then the doctor inserts… read more »

The Position of Moon Sighting in Islam.

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The issue of moonsighting can be confusing if one does not properly understand it. In fact, it is due to the lack of proper understanding that there has arisen a lot of criticizing and condemning among Muslims, which is extremely sad. There is a hadith which states that one should begin the fast (Ramadan) with… read more »

Paradise and Hell

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PARADISE Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah (S.A) said, that Almighty Allah said: “I have prepared for my righteous servants which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and the heart of no man has conceived. And read if you like: “So no soul knows what is hidden for him which will… read more »

Muharram The Sacred Month of Allah

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Muharram The Sacred Month of Allah – What does it mean to us? Muharram is the first month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar and is known to be a blessed and sacred month. The word Muharram comes from the Arabic root ‘Ha ra ma’ – which means to be forbidden or prohibited. It also has… read more »

Which are the best days for nafl fast

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Question: Assalamu alaikum May Allah continue to reward all the teachers and alims at the darul uloom for their tireless service to the deen of islam.I would like to find out which days are permissible for observing Nafl (Optional) fasts? Answer: Wa Alaikum As Salaam, The best days to fast on, are Mondays and Thursdays…. read more »

Sacrifice – An Integral Part of Deen

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By Mufti Waseem Khan Al hamdulillah, All praise is due to Allah, Who has created us perfectly, one stage after another. Likewise, He has blessed us with opportunities one after another for our spiritual development and progress. He has also set in place all the necessary requirements for this growth. Together with right guidance and… read more »