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Grilled meat and blood

Answered by Shaykh Amjad Rasheed
Translated by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad

When grilling meat, a little bit of blood remains. Is it permissible for us to eat that or must we dry it away by cooking it further?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It is permissible to eat grilled meat, even if it is mixed with a little blood, as has been recorded in the texts.

This is because it is normally difficult to avoid, and to burden oneself with drying away the blood of the meat might actually ruin the meat to the point that it would not be pleasant to eat.

It says in the Hashiyat al-Shirwani on the Tuhfa, “It is permissible to eat mutton sausages, grilled meats and meat with bulgur as Ibn Abd al-Salam said, even if it usually has blood on it.”

السؤال : عندما نشوي اللحم يبقى فيه بقية من الدم فهل يجوز لنا أكله أم يجب علينا أن نجففه بالشوي ؟

الجواب : يجوز أكل اللحم المشوي وإن كان مختلطاً بشيء من الدم كما نصوا عليه ؛ لأن هذا مما يشق الاحتراز عنه في الغالب وتكلف تجفيف الدم من اللحم قد يفسد اللحم بحيث لا يستساغ أكله ، وفي “حاشية الشرواني على التحفة” ما نصه :” ويحل أكلُ النقانق والشوي والهرائس كما قاله ابن عبد السلام وإن كان لا يخلو من الدم غالبا “. ا هـ .

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