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There was a point in time when my heart was dead and I disobeyed Allah wal eyaz billah by not praying at all. Alhamdililah, Allah was merciful to me and sent me hidaya walhamdililah and now I am trying to make up all my missed fard prayer. After reading the Reliance, I am still confused about the nafila vs. makeup idea (discussion in w18.9) and I am not sure what I should say (I make the intention to make up the particular prayer). Should I pray extra nawafil to make up for the fact that I had no excuse not to pray and should I follow the rules in the Reliance pertaining to missed prayers (in terms of audible, inaudible etc.)?Q2Several months ago, I was taught that it was permissible to break wind in the salat and continue praying and it was valid. I did this for two months or so…After learning it was not ok, and changing my prayer/wudu; I didn’t make these prayers up. Also I was taught that it was ok to simply wipe over cotton socks during ablution and make salat, and this would be valid. After learning that it was not, I stopped and corrected it, however I did not make up those prayers. Should I calculate the number of prayers missed to the best of my knowledge, and make them up ? There is a section in Reliance… f 2.12, I was wondering if this applies to me ?

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