If I come marry without my degree, then my wife is divorced

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Last year when I was coming to Canada for studies I had some argumentation at home and I told them that “If I come home and marry without finishing my degree, then my wife is divorced”. Now after a year my parents are extremely insisting to marry. Is there any way out for me as I cannot see my parents suffer like this?


Bismillāhi Taʿala,

Waʿlaikum Assalām Waraḥmatullāh,

At the outset, I advise you to be careful in the kinds of oaths you take. It is not a trivial issue to take an oath and then find a way out of it.

Nontheless, the way out for you is to have someone else (fuḍūlī) like your father should conduct your nikah on your behalf. Moreover, you should not verbally give any permission for the nikāḥ, instead you should show your approval by action. For example, once you are informed that your father has conducted your nikah, do not say “I accept it” or “I am happy with it” instead, instead simply send the dowry money (mahr) money to the girl. The divorce (talāq) in this case will not take place.

Wallāhu Aʿlam,

Wassalamu ʿalaykum, 

Mufti Faisal al-Mahmudi

(وفي لا يتزوج فزوجه) فضولي (فأجاز بالقول حنث) ؛ لأن الإجازة في الانتهاء كالإذن في الابتداء على ما عرف في تصرفات الفضولي (وبالفعل) أي لو جاز بالفعل كإعطاء المهر ونحوه (لا يحنث) هو المختار وعليه الفتوى كما في الخانية؛ لأن العقود تختص بالأقوال، فلا يكون فعله عقدا وإنما يكون رضى وشرط الحنث العقد لا الرضى (مجمع الأنهر في شرح ملتقى الأبحر (1/ 575))

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