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Message: Asalaam u Alaikum, I need some clarity on the importance of the following points as these are not taking place at my masjid, and advice on what I can do to better the situation.

(1) The women’s washroom and wudu station is always locked no matter the time of day you attend for prayers.

(2) Adhaan is not called for each obligatory prayer, if it is called its very quiet inside the mosque, by whoever attend to pray.

(3) There is No Imam assigned for the mosque. A young student is present for Jummah etc, but has little say. A request for an imam will be needed someone you can go to for advice or some sort of discussion when needed as well as a Family services committee (marital conflict, spousal abuse, etc.)

The Mosque is not functioning 100% and some persons are leaving their committee mosque.
Advice on addressing these problems will be greatly appreciated.

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

الجواب و بالله التوفيق

  1. It is wrong for the women’s washroom and wudhu station to be locked in this manner.
  2. In a masjid, Adhaan should be called for all Salaah, else the Muslim males in that community are accountable to Allah.
  3. It is essential that an Imam be assigned to the Masjid.

If these are not there, as you have mentioned, then those who are ‘in charge’ (Admin/Management) must be told about these matters, and it is essential upon them to correct these. If there is no positive result from this, then the parent body/organisation to which the Masjid belongs to/or is affiliated with, should be informed of these problems in order to correct them.

If this does not work, then the Muslims of the community should have a meeting and discuss the matter so that new members who are devoted and dedicated to the service of the Masjid can be appointed to ensure that the Masjid functions in a good manner.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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