Can I wear a bellyring?

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Q. Please advise on the ruling regarding a woman getting a bellyring. This will be purely for my husband as an adornment?

Haamidaw wa Musalliyaa

Muslims are required to adopt moderation and modesty in all aspects. Piercing the belly button for adornment is deemed to be the general practice of women devoid of moral chastity. To avoid imitating such women is essential.

The Jurists have limited the permissibility of piercing a woman’s body to the ears and nose. [Shaami, Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah 28:35].

Piercing is considered to be a form of mutilation [muthla] of the body, which is unlawful in Islam. Hence, it would not be permissible to pierce the lip, belly button etc. since this is not considered an adornment for an upright and modest woman. [Shaami 6:420]

And Allah  Knows Best

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Mufti M.D. Mangera and Mufti S Jakhura

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