How many types of Tawaf’s are there?

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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

There are seven types of tawaf, verily briefly, they are:

1) Tawaf Qudoom- this is the tawaf made on arrival at the Kaabah.

2) Tawaf Ziyaarat- This tawaf is compulsory for the Hajj, without which the hajj would not be valid.

3) Tawaf Sadr- This tawaf is made on returning to ones residence.

4) Tawaf Umrah- This tawaf is compulsory for umrah.

5) Tawaf Nazr- This becomes compulsory on an oath taken that if some requirements are fulfilled by Allah (SWA), then one will under take a tawaf.

6) Tawaf Tahiyaah- This is done on the entry to the haram.

7) Tawaf Nafl- This is an optional tawaf and caries great reward for the one who carries it out.

Out of the aforementioned tawafs some are opitional, mustuhub, sunnah, wajib and fardh (obligatory).

Opitional: Tawaf nafl

Mustuhub: Tawaf Tahiyaah is Mustuhubon entry into the haram.

Sunnat: Tawaf Qudum is sunnat for that Aafaaqi (whose residence is outside makkah) who is performing Ifraad or Qiraan.It is not sunnah fo rone performing tamuttu or umrah. even if he or she happens to be an Aafaaqi.

Wajib:Tawaf Sadr

Fardh: Tawaf Ziyaarat, Tawaf Umrah, Tawaf Nazr

(Muallimul-Hujjaj p.130)


Only Allah Knows Best.

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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