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Is it permissible to give zaqat to our cousin who is a miskeen and has his own house?

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Us Salaam, My questions are related to Zaqaat :- 1. We have a house which we are not using. We are living in another house in a different city. We are not using the first house for any profit or income as well. Is zaqat payable on that house. 2. We have some amount in bank for our sister’s marriage. It is more than years time that the amount is there and not used. Is Zaqaat payable on that amount. 3. There is some amount which is there in another bank account which is not used for more than an year, should we pay zaqaat on that amount. 4. We have a cousin whose mother passed away few years back. He is a Miskeen. His father too is not with him though the father is alive but is married to another woman and has his second family and doesn’t look after our cousin. My cousin is 45 years old. His income is not that much. He says that he has his own house. He is in job but doesn’t earn that much. CAN WE PAY ZAQAAT AMOUNT TO HIM. We recently gave zaqaat money to him after consulting him, in the month of Ramzaan. Is he eligible to receive zaqaat. Kindly respond. Wus-Salaam


(Fatwa: 1591/1138/L=1431)

(1) No Zakah is wajib on the price of this house.
(2) Zakah shall be wajib on the capital amount which is deposited provided all the conditions are available that make Zakah obligatory.
(3) It carries the same ruling as the answer No 2.
(4) If he really does not own wealth equal to nisab, he can receive the Zakah and you can give him Zakah amount.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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