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Is my Nikha impacted by the words I said to my wife?

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Assalamu-alikum, Can you please get clarified my following masla from Mufi sahib. I have been married for 2 years. For the last two months there has been quarrel with my wife on very small issues. Actually, my parents stay in a village and I stay with my wife in a city where I do job. We generally visit my parent 2-3 times in a year for 5-7 days. Recently, when we were at my parent place on a small issue my wife told -“Mujku thumharey maa baap ki zarorat nahi”. I got anger and replied -“phir mujku bhi teri zaroorat nahi.”. This happens two times. After that I left her at her parents’ place. Presently, now and then on phone we start fighting and in anger I used to tell words like -” Hum doono ko nahi ban rah hai”, “tho jaa”..etc. I never uttered any word like “talaq”. I have following 4 questions- 1. Will the words I told to my wife going to impact my Nikha? 2.Sometimes it comes to my mind to give talaq to my wife, but actually I do not want. And there is always something like wasawasa in my mind that I told talaq in my mind, but I never uttered any word from my mouth even when I was alone. Will this effect my nikha? 3. When somebody spells “talaaq” to wife in her absence, ie no one is around, Is talaq still valid? 4. What should be the minimum sound needed to utter “talaq”, so that talaq is valid? Khuda Hafeez.


(Fatwa: 436/B=73/TB)

?Phir mujh ko bhi teri zaroorat nahi? with what intention did you say this? Did you intend talaq? Please, explain it. (b) Talaq does not take place only by imagination of talaq. (c) Talaq takes place if given in loneliness provided he listens it himself.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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