Ahsanul Qasas (beautiful incidents) from the lives of our pious predecessors no.7

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Malfooz: A courageous person is merciful and a coward is not merciful


The Turks are brave people but they are also soft hearted. A person who commits suicide is a coward. He takes his own life because he cannot bear the trials and problems he is facing. Hazrat mentioned that there was once a person who committed suicide but the strange thing was that he did not scream or shout; this does not make him any less of a coward than a person who does scream because he is still committing the cowardly act of suicide.


A person once said to Hazrat “Allah Taālā has taken it upon Himself to take account of a person who commits suicide.” Hazrat replied “This is correct. It may be that Allah has excused this person. We do not know what conditions this person was going through.”


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