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Naming a newborn boy as “Mohammad” only

Can someone name a newborn boy as “Mohammad as First name Last name” only. (for example, father’s name is arif mahmood, can he name his son as Mohammad Arif only) What would be a proper way to call that boy…… generally we call others by their 1st names, so in this case can we call that boy only “Mohammad”. (like, o’ Mohammad come here…etc) Would this be considered as a dis-respect or not…. Please advise. (I know most of the time people names are like, Mohammad Shakeel Arif…where Shakeel is really a first name, so he would be called as “Shakeel” or “Mohammad Shakeel” instead of Mohammad only). As it’s recommended to name newborns on names of Allah or Prophets, as these are the best names to name after. How about with other prophet names, like Noah, Ibrahim, we do generally call others just by “Ibrahim” )


It is permissible to prefix or suffix one’s name with Muhammad. The person
with two names, one being Muhammad may be called with both names or any one
name. It is not disrespectful to call a person having two names with only
one name.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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