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May i become Pilot or Heart Physician?

1-My intention is to become aalim inshallah,but i am also interested to choose any other proffessional carrier along with it and what i had in my heart for long time ago that i want to be a airline pilot inshallah.But now my father has started to request me that please my son become a heart physician and the cause why he is saying me this is also very much excellent,and i am really impressed by him.Here in Pakistan(karachi) hospitals are overloaded and poor people they cannot afford so much rupees for diagnosis and other processes and you know actually i have no will to make it as my proffesion,and help all the poor people inshallah free,because you know Allah has given us so much Alhamdolilah that you cant imagine and my Father is mashallah a bussinessman and Alhamdolilah has a deep love for Dawat o tabligh also.So i am at the moment 17 years and doing my A levels and after 19 i would be done with it.Now my Question is that 1-May i become a pilot or doctor along with Ilmiat.For becoming heart physician it would take 11 yrs and i think i would get married at 25 or 26 and so i am worried because of this that Ilmiat would also take 8 yrs,My Pilot training would only take 3 yrs.So which of them is better for me?2-May i become any one of them before becoming Aalim or after becoming Aalim?Please do Istikhara for me.I would be thankfull to you.


Follow the advice of your father. You may also do part time Aalim course while studying medicine.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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