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Can I chat with my male cousins on the internet ?

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My question is if it would be permissible to chat on internet with my male cousin -only sometimes, not always or all the times-, with whom there is no connection of marriage talks between usand we only sometimes want to chat for exchanging knowledge of school subjects (for example, if he took that subject before I can ask him information on it) or about certain career options. This chatting will not be all the time but only sometimes when there is some need to talk.

Please let me know if in above circumstances described, would it be allowed for my male cousin and I to chat on internet only sometimes if there is some need to?


It should be clearly understood that one’s cousin in Islam is a Ghayr Mahram. It will be permissible to be married to him, thus giving it will be necessary that he be treated in the exact same manner as total stranger would be. Therefore, it will not be permissible to chat with him on the internet.

If need be, you may communicate with him via your parents.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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