I hv seen a dream w4er ther were a lot of worms on my bed….n i cudnt do anythin ….i was killin them but they were multiplyin…….

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ASSALAMUALAIKUM?..mufthee sahib??I would like yout to interpret for me?a dream which I have seen 2 days back?.it was like ?(I guess I am not sure) I was sleeping naked and all of a sudden ?a little big kind of worms ?which looked dirty?.came over my bed?..i was tryin to kill them ?but then it was multiplying again and again??..n it was like many more??.in the dream like my brother was in the toilet?.and my x room mate ( whom v used to live together?as in I study here)?yes he and my high school headmaster were on the room besides this room??yes this is wot I hv seen?.plz do help me?


The dream does not have any significance. You should ignore the dream.

Fulfil our Shar’ee obligations, perform your 5 daily Salaats and abstain from all sins.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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