Q: This morning I saw a dream. I was in that dream and one more person associated with me was going inside a cave. There were two paths, one was going up and another one was going down. We took the down path and were moving. After a few steps we found a face of a person on ceramic stairs. My associate went ahead and I stopped there and was looking at the ceramic. I said Salam to that ceramic stair and I got an answer of my salam in return. I asked them who are you then they replied to me to go ahead and you will find out. Me and my associate moved further then found a room (now my associate vanished, I didn’t seen him). I entered the room and I found a person sleeping there with a long dark black beard and in light chocolaty Islamic costume. I asked them who are you? And they just show me the small ship which was kept on holder which was connected with two steel chain and was made up of wood. I took that ship in hand and asked what is this and who are you. Then they replied that they are Nuh (A.S) and that was the ship the boarded last time while flood. Then I kept back that ship and holder and asked Nuh (A.S) to teach me islam and guide me. From then they accepted me as there student. After that once they visited me and my home and next time I went to meet them at there resting place, when second time I went they replied, why you came, instead of coming you could have asked me from your place and I would have answered you. Then I left the place and woke up saying Durood sharif.


A: Wherever there is a need to associate with people then you may associate with them. Apart from that you should not unnecessarily associate with people. Refrain from all doubtful things (i.e. doubtful food, company, literature etc.)

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada