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My Brother is becoming a modernist

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    My brother is becoming an aalim through distance education. He has joined two belongs to  ahle sunnah wal jamaat which is a branch of deoband.he has also joined iou which is being run by Dr.bilal philips.he has joined iou with an intention to know the inside story of ghair muqallideens… read more »

Shias and Hadhrat Muawiyah Radhiyallahu Anhu

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Salaam Mufti Saheb(s): I wanted to ask about Shias and Muawiya/Ali (Radiyallahoanhum to both). Many Shias say that Muawiya (RA) and his successors cursed Ali during Jummah khutbah for years. Is this true, because I can find no legitimate source of this other than Shia propaganda? Also, why do Shias have such words for Muawiya… read more »

Our only option is a student loan

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  My son will be going university in UK very soon, he has very good grades in A levels, he wants to study at university. our financial situation is not enough to pay for his fees, only option is a student loan with interest, please advise, he has potential, we do not want him… read more »

Attributes of Allah

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 The attributes of Allah (SWT) are classified as either attributes relating to His essence or His activity. Kindly clarify if both kind of attributes are equal in superiority and honor or are the attributes of essence considered more superior? Also, are the attributes of activity pre-eternal and beginningless like the attributes of essence? Your response… read more »

Husband abusing wife

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My husband is Muslim and he gets very angry to the point that he hits me or jumps out of a moving car. I need some advice on how to handle him when he is in rage? Please help me!!! Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. … read more »