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Is it permissible to take a student loan in which the government pays the interest money during the course?

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I understand that giving interest is impermissible however please advise for the following situation:The government provides postgraduate loans through a bank.  During the course of study interest is paid to the bank by the government.  Following completion of the course the student commences repayment instalments including interest to the bank. Is it permissible to take… read more »

Is HECS permissible?

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  In Australia, many of msulim students are studying at University where tuition fees is very high and unafforable for students or theirparents. Option is to get for fees help from government. Detail is in below web site or what will be returned back is, I copied and pasted below as wll. Please… read more »

Simplicity and contentment

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Q: How does one reconcile working for the akhirah (which are perhaps commanded or at least recommended: please comment) and working in this dunyah. I am the sole breadwinner of my family and in order for Allah Ta’ala to increase my rizk, increase His blessings, afford for my wife to stay at home and this… read more »

Book with pictures

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Q: I have a personal training book that I have to study to become a personal trainer. There is however pictures in the book with females in it showing how to do certain workouts. How should I go about this situation? A: Get a female to cover all female pictures. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى)… read more »

Waswasas of talaaq

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Q: I am a mental patient and I have a lot waswasas in each activity. Every minute and second I have a lot of thoughts and what I think is repeated by me orally. I am very worried about this problem and this problem has been for 3 years. When I study I repeat one… read more »

The importance of niqaab

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Q: I want to ask a question on the importance of niqaab. I belong to a Pakhtoon family and we usually put a veil on our face whenever we go outside. My two cousins each of fifteen years came for study to our house. I told my mom that I will make niqaab from them… read more »