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Can a person who does not fast partake in the Iftar provided by other brothers

I had my periods for 4 days, after 4 days I had a ghusal bath, & kept my fast & read namaz, however just before iftaar I noticed a brownish discharge

What is the significance of making dua before iftar? Is it sunnah? Provide hadith(s) please.

I will be flying bet. Joburg and Durban & the time of my flightc coincides with Iftar. Which time do I follow? Durban or Joburg?

How many minutes after Sunset can we make Iftaar?

I will be on the plane during Iftar time of Ramdan on 21st November. To break the fast by iftar, should I follow the local time of departing station or time of next station?

Is it okay to remove hairs from underarms and bikini during roza or we should do it at night after iftar?

I’ve been told not to take bath when I’m fasting,either before fasting or after iftar I can take a bath.Please tell me whether this is true.

My brother and his wife are not a practising Muslim. He keeps fast but doesn’t eat halal. I know he’ll be inviting us to iftar but I’m afraid of eating.

I am breastfeeding my 5-month old daughter – can I fast during Ramadan? The iftar time will be 8:30pm. If fasting affects lactation should I continue or make up the days later?

Can I help my mother in the kitchen for an hour during Itikaf while reciting Quran?

1. when should we break iftaar at time of hearing first adhan or by hearing adhan from masjid which is near to our home ….2. Can we make any special niyyah for sunnah fast which we taking on monday & thursday. i mean to marry a girl & to lead good islamic life,

I would like to know how do you fast in places like the iceland where you have 4 months of darkness as we should fast from sunrise to sunset?