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Few days ago in anger i said “throw the Qur’an” Allah Forbid!, …so how can i ask for forgivness from Allah about this?…Can i put the Qur’an straight or lay it on a side please tell me which one is better?

1. How can we justify the negation of recital of surah fatih behind the imam, when there is authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim Narrated by Abu Hurairah (Ra) as….2. How can we justify not saying Amin Loudly when there is authentic hadith in Muslim Sharif ….

Can anyone become a Wali Of Allah…t allow in islam to do job in pizza hut

I want to know, with the above in mind, if I can get laser treatment done on my entire body, including my satr (thighs, stomach, back, etc.)?

You have stated that a woman in her menses is neither allowed to touch nor recite quran. I have learning quran by heart and according to my muallima it is allowed under such circumtances to recite listen and recite quran without touching its letters?

Whats the explaination of this : “May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.”?

I lost my baby at 36 weeks pregnancy.unknown causes.what does the hadith and qur’an say regarding this child and the parents and please give some nasihat for encouragement.