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Integration Between Martial Arts Code of Honour and Policies with Islamic Ruling

Joining the Congregational Prayers from My Hotel Room in Makkah

The Verdict of a Judge from a Muslim Country for Moon-sighting

Singing the Anthem [of Canada], Standing and Saluting the Flag of One’s Country

Is it Mandatory to Make Up Last Ramaḍān’s Missed Fasts Before This Ramaḍān?

Fiqh of Salah (Prayer) on a Chair

Proxy in Islam and Its Use in Masājid Board Positions

The Multiple Marriages of Prophet (peace be upon him)

Shortened and or Combined Ritual Prayer During Travel

The Fiqh of Signatures, Logos and Seals

Shortening and Combining Prayers During Travel and Pilgrimage

Salah (Ritual Prayer) on a Chair

Witr; 3 Raka’ahs with One Salām

Adopting International Sighting for the Sake of Unity in Canada

The Issue of Photography, Camera, Videos and Drawing